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Hannes Dupper is the founder of the Share Your Wealth group of companies. In his current role as CEO, his goal is to help aspiring and seasoned investors grow their investment portfolios and to facilitate financial growth for entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life.

Hannes holds a BCom degree in Entrepreneurial Development from the University of Pretoria and currently working on his MBA in Leadership and Management from the York St Johns University in London.

Hannes is a visionary, serial entrepreneur and passionate about strategic restructuring, turn around management and innovation. He believes in the BNI philosophy of Givers Gain and builds his life and business on key success factors from Share Your Wealth.

“The more you assist other people in their journey to success, the more success will find its way back to you.”

– Hannes Dupper, CEO of Share Your Wealth Group

  • “As a shareholder, I receive updates every semester with Lightstone reports showing how the properties acquired are performing. It makes my heart sing that the company has seen phenomenal growth in the last year. This is an educational company which will lead the way in practising “Ubuntu” and teaching people how to gain financial freedom with very little to start with and with what you already might have.”
    Ms. Carol Werth
    DJV Property Twenty