Fast track your financial well-being with our team of investment mentors


Imagine having a guiding hand with unlimited expertise advising your every turn when it comes to buying your first or even your 10th property.

The Share Your Wealth Property Investment Mentorship program equips prospective buyers and experienced investors to access the property investment landscape in South Africa.

This program gives you:

  • Access to property mentors for life.
  • Frequently group Q & A sessions with like-minded investors.
  • Access to a continuedly growing video and blog library to find all the information you need.
  • Access to investor resources, calculators, and goal setting systems yo manage your portfolio profitably.
  • Access to distressed and bargain properties.

The property investment mentorship is a fast-track, bypassing property investment potholes and obstacles, reaching your investment goals and achieving financial well-being.

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Share Your Wealth Opportunity Session
Every Wednesday at 6pm

Want to invest? Want to start building a property portfolio? You can with Share Your Wealth.

  • “As a shareholder, I receive updates every semester with Lightstone reports showing how the properties acquired are performing. It makes my heart sing that the company has seen phenomenal growth in the last year. This is an educational company which will lead the way in practising “Ubuntu” and teaching people how to gain financial freedom with very little to start with and with what you already might have.”
    Ms. Carol Werth
    DJV Property Twenty