Combining resources resulting in remarkable returns


Share Your Wealth in partnership with the DJV Property Joint Venture is a unique property investment business opportunity exclusive to SYW club members.

Participants become shareholders of a new property investment company.

Existing DJV Property Joint Venture companies have managed to buy 10 or more properties per semester.

This opportunity is ideal for individuals who:

  • Want to get their feet wet in the property market but have limited knowledge or capital
  • Have short term credit rating challenges to be resolved
  • Existing and seasoned investors who wish to expand or diversify their property footprint without any additional exposure

What can you expect from being part of this property investment opportunity?

  • Low-risk investment without the hassle of property management
  • Multiple properties in high growth areas with an exceptional accumulation in equity
    as a shareholder, you can re-evaluate your position every 60 months with the option to sell your shares
  • The Property Joint Venture has proven to be the ideal vehicle to grow your monetary investment and expand your property portfolio

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Share Your Wealth Opportunity Session
Every Wednesday at 6pm

Want to invest? Want to start building a property portfolio? You can with Share Your Wealth.

  • “As a shareholder, I receive updates every semester with Lightstone reports showing how the properties acquired are performing. It makes my heart sing that the company has seen phenomenal growth in the last year. This is an educational company which will lead the way in practising “Ubuntu” and teaching people how to gain financial freedom with very little to start with and with what you already might have.”
    Ms. Carol Werth
    DJV Property Twenty