Maximize Your Mindset

Mindset Coaching

Thinking into Results is a one-of-a-kind system based on over 75 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement: what really makes successful people successful.

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This highly structured, step-by-step process will empower you to:

  • Clarify your goal with absolute precision.
  • A weak goal generates weak results.
  • A goal you haven’t thought through (or worse, aren’t aware of) could deliver exactly what you don’t want. But a worthy goal, joyfully formed and articulately expressed, is the first and most critical step toward creating the results you want.
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Become a Property Investor

Property Education

Learn how to make property investing a business. You’re on your new path to creating personal wealth through property.

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Some of Our Modules

  • Fundamentals: 12 modules of profound tried and tested material.

  • OTP Workshop: Understand what an OTP is and what flexibility you have. Recognise the different aspects of an OTP and how to use it.

  • Flipping Workshop: How do you find distressed properties. What reports such as TPN and Lighstone can you use to give insights.

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Alternative Investor Network

You can visit our AIN events twice before joining

Fast tracking your wealth-creation journey through high yield alternative investment opportunities are becoming ever more popular in South Africa. The Alternative Investor Network is an opportunity where you can rub shoulders with industry professionals and experts.

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What To Expect

  • Monthly in-person and online educational sessions with top keynote speakers.

  • The opportunity to find partners and collaborators for your next property investment project.

  • An abundance of online learning material

  • Think pods, a small group engagement opportunity to stimulate your ideas around building your business, property portfolio or liquid investment portfolio.

  • Up to 2 hours free consultations with our preferred partners, consisting of attorneys, chattered accountants, estate planners, business and property coaches and more.

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